Life goes on….

Well, its been a few weeks since my last time at the library. I miss it but life goes on. Im trying to be active around the house and doing a few projects. I need to get some primer at Home depot and paint a couple of walls we are going to be redoing this summer. Im keeping up on a load of laundry a day per Flylady. Menus planned for the week.

Tomorrow is Doctor day. I did get some of my blood work back and ,Yes, My neutrophils are down, but not as low as last time. But I’ll still have to get another blood test next Friday and see if they’re up to 1500.  So, I have a lot of questions for him tomorrow, mainly, if pomalsyt isn’t working where do we go from here.??

I received all my paper work about unemployment only to be disappointed to have to cancel it as it says ,”am I available and able to work full-time.” Well, NO, duh… of course i can’t work full time with my medical issues. So, try calling EDD, it is impossible to speak to someone. Ive tried 2 days in a row and all it says is, there are too many people calling. Uhh, so what am I suppose to do. I may go into the local office , but Im not sure thats a good idea.

So, Im off to read, and see what the day brings. We’re getting some summer squash from he garden and I just saw a couple of zucchini . I make zucchini fritters that are really good. I top with a little sour cream or creme faiche and its yummy.

3 thoughts on “Life goes on….

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog. My husband has MM and is doing quite well. Your blog is inspiring and truthful at the same time. It helps me a lot. Thanks.

  2. Have you considered filing an appeal with EDD? I am quite familiar with the process, etc. I have also been successful sending them an email, they give you a confirmation # and do follow up. If a doctor could issue time off notice, with respect to the appointments, etc., they may be please the EDD rep. The local appeals office in Natomas area, and the other office in downtown, may have a resource too. xo

    • Hi Hannah,
      Good to hear from you.
      Well, I’m not sure what I want to do. I guess when I read the unemployment thing, I didn’t register it said ” full time”. I ,of course can’t do that. My little perfect job was 12 hours a week. So, I didn’t really make much money. So I’m guessing unemployment wouldn’t be a lot either.
      Sounds like ,from Sara, you are doing great. I’m so happy for you , you deserve it.
      Plus, I’m super happy you found my little blog, opinion, in the blog world. It’s fun and a great outlet…

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