Geez, I could use a break! No, not a physical break!

Well, the week started nice. I felt ok. I was walking and doing my usual. Then my right leg that gives me some problems ,started really bothering me. Of course, I immediately have it blown out of proportion to , it’s a lesion, I know it, to, it’s a muscle strain, to OMG, I have no idea, it just hurts. With lytic lesions come fractures. No , I don’t need a fracture.

So, what is it? Actually, I don’t know. So I’m going to wait and then call the doctor. I’ve had this pain off and on ,so I’m not sure,but I may need another xray or MRI.,… Well, I guess with myeloma, who knows what’s waiting around the next corner. Is the pomalyst working?? I don’t know. I can’t say,I feel great, but right now I have to deal with this pain in my upper leg.

Geez, it’s always something!

Well, on that cheerful note…

2 thoughts on “Geez, I could use a break! No, not a physical break!

  1. Me too! Its probably not a fracture at this point but lesions will lead to that if not taken care of. I checked my notes and this upper leg pains been on and off since March, so I don’t know what to think. I guess the logical thing is another X-ray when I see my doctrine a few weeks. I had X-rays in February and there wasn’t a lesion there but X-rays are not that accurate in some cases so…
    I’ll keep posting to update.

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