Saturday stuff

well, it’s easter tomorrow and we are suppose to have rain. Yeah we need it. Although it’s suppose to becolder which I don’t like.  But we really need the rain so…

I’m hoping the kitchen gets painted at least the first coat. Things like the refrigerator need to be moved so it’s a big job. But we need to freshen it up. I’m loving the white and when we can get some new appliances it’ll be nice.

On the budget front, we just got the hospital bill for the outpatient BMB under sedation. It’s a  shocker really.  I guess I didn’t figure it would be the 20% copay or maybe they didn’t  tell us. But we owe almost $2000. Yikes, what about in the future when I need this again or other tests. How are we goin

g to pay for these.  My LLS grant doesn’t cover any tests or diagnostics so that’s out. At least for this I’ll ask for payments but that’s only a short term solution. What about in the future when even that might be too much.

The library was slow. An old friend stopped in to get books. I try not to talk to her too much but today I was rattling on about retirement stuff and it hindsight I was too outspoken. So I guess I’ll back off and keep my mouth shut. I’m always putting my foot in my mouth about something or other. I hope no one was listening .

She’s a nice person and our daughters are the same age, just different paths at this point. But I feel a little bad I was too mouthy. Not toward her at all just in general about things.

Well, live and learn all the time.

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