Budgeting or ( how I blew the budget)

Just a reminder, March is myeloma awareness month. I hope some of you learn about this cancer and can help if someone you know is diagnosed. Tom Brokaw has certainly added exposure to it being he’s a celebrity. But, all of us who live and eventually die from this need more public awareness and financial support for research. A cure is out there. Maybe not for me, but I believe they will have a cure of sorts, in ten years time.

So, budgeting for March. Food is still about $600, household is running more since its spring. I should stay out of target, but that’s where I get over run with… Spending money. Well, I did get a new patio umbrella( on sale), the cutest bunnies for spring decorating(not on sale), oh, I bought some new non stick pans, ( not on sale). Should I keep going. You get the idea. Well, I’ll factor in spring madness.
Went and paid property taxes. There went a cool almost thousand. Well, at least for once in our lives I had in the bank to use.

We also helped our daughter with her new car, ( but she’ll have to pay back most of it. And if we sell the vw then that’ll put back $3000.
We’re still not sure we will sell. I’m going to use it off and on to see what I think. Because it sits low, it’s hard for me to get in and out. So we’ll see.

I’m off to the library today. Friday’s are always pretty slow.

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