imagehere’s a picture of a radish my daughter grew. Plus we are getting lettuce daily for salads. It’s so wonderful and fresh to eat your own so fresh food. 

I think there will be snow peas soon too.

The rototilling went well and now we just have to wait to order the top soil. Maybe next paycheck.

We are actually suppose to get some rain tonight so that’ll help things a lot.

It’s a dex Sunday so I’m going to do the bedroom zone and vacuum. Then B is going to put up my shelves and paint a little. I think we’re going out to starbucks to just sit and chat. It’s nice to have some us time. We won’t be able to go anywhere for a while as he’s busy and my schedule is Tuesday, Friday, Saturday.do I have to plan one of those days off to get in 2 nights. Maybe after I see the doctor in April.

i need to plan menus for the week, but today I’m making roast chicken and baked potatoes and a big salad.

I’ll make some beans in the crock pot tomorrow and have bean rice bowls. I have avacodos to use.

We have lovely cilantro in the garden too. So nice, I just wish it would dry or freeze well, which it doesn’t.

well, off for Sunday adventures!