Simply white

My sweet husband went and bought the white paint I wanted from Benjamin Moore the other day. It’s called Simply White. We don’t have one locally so since he was in Roseville getting his oil changed on the Santa Fe, I asked him to go get it. Then he surprised me by starting the kitchen wall. I really like it and I’m thinking of switching out other rooms to.
It’s mostly about wanting a clean space with very little clutter and white walls helps with that. The kitchen looks bigger already. I’m planning to put my vintage catherine holm on shelves there and it should look great against the white. Plus, as I get older I can’t paint like I used to( I did all the painting at one time)!!!
So, I did a second coat this morning and may work around toward the little area in front of the bathroom. Remember this house was built in 1949 and the layout is so awful but it is what it is.

An ok week so far. B is at Disneyland hotel ,well he’s staying there but it for the Expo natural foods expo. I wanted to go but he’s at the convention center all day and I’m not one to just hang out.

We are still looking at cars for my daughter. No luck finding the right SUV. Everything is so expensive. But we’re going to check out a Toyota Rav 4 awd. It’s at the top of her price range( of course)..
Well, very nice weather here and this week end is daylight savings. So that’ll be weird.

Next week is my doctor visit so we will have a new game plan after that. It’s also our FOAL meeting, so I can’t be there. I’d like to be at this meeting to hear what is going on with the two branch closures. Then how long before I’m “let go”???
Well, it’s been the best job I’ve ever had and it’s very unfortunate, I couldn’t go
Permenant. Now it’s too late. Well, that’s the story of my life with work.

Well, onward and upward to better things ….I still love reading and the library!