Dex Sunday 😀

Well, I have felt better as the week went on. So today is a dex day. I was up peeing almost every hour(side effect of dex) so didn’t sleep great. I’m heading out to buy some Gatorade to rehydrate and some vegies for the week.
Oh amazing news, my daughter got a librarian job! Yeah! Part time perfect while she finishes her MLS. She and my husband are going out looking at used subarus as the library is 50 minutes one way commute in a snowy area. If she can find a roommate situation that would be good otherwise it’s a commute. Long but certainly doable.

I’m so thrilled for her. Permenant, partime with benefits.
Yeah for her….
One of my regrets in this life is not going for a full time job at some point. But, it was what it was and when I was ready to go back to work when she started school, wham
I got pregnant again so I was back to being a SAHM. Which was wonderful.but not financially smart.or as we deal with this retirement thing doesn’t help a lot now.

So, I’m off for the day…

Oh, I’ve made brown rice for the week, have pinto beans in the crock pot and cooked some potatoes for ??? Not sure yet.