Back from Tahoe , and off to the library today.

imageWe had an awesome time. It was beautiful up there as always. We walked down to the lake and around the campground at 5:30 each morning. Then later we biked around too. I was a little sore but regrouped the next day. I read a lot on my new kindle and relaxed.imageWe had some good meals, salmon one night and a steak another. Plus there’s always the veggie option of tofu dogs, BBQ tofu etc.

My daughter and husband both swam in Tahoe, but not me… Too cold…..

we had fun looking at different rvs and really want to upgrade. But this is what we’ve had for 14 years and do love it. But, I’d really like a bathroom and a shower inside. Actually, it’s almost necessary for me with my dex and revlimid bathroom issues.

But, I’m trying to be practical so… This is it for now.

so, I’m off to work today. It’ll be interesting to see who she got to work my shifts. Not that I’m an important person there but our branch is a little different . Especially when new people show up. But, I’m only a page, so it’s not my worry.

The weather here at home is gorgeous. It’s like going to be 80 today. Very nice.


2 thoughts on “Back from Tahoe , and off to the library today.

  1. I love your writing. Feeling a little tired after a hike (sometimes I can’t tell if it is (tired) or depression. Oh well, but I just want to say I read your blog for the first time. Your humor seems to be your strength. I was diagnosed back in 2012. I live in West Marin and certainly identify with you. We built our house stick by stick years ago (I won’t tell you how much a septic system costs here now). I didn’t put a garden in this year because we plan on taking a few camping trips too. Lake Alpine (top of Ebbets Pass is coming up). We just brought a camper trailer like you have. The new norm for us. Yes, money is very tight but we did get some help through the LLS. They are great. Again, I found a kinship with you being an old anti-war woman. Best regards and thank you again for your great blog.

    • I think when I over do it, it’s the lactic acid build in the muscles that gets affected. Fortunately, I haven’t had a bone issues for a while but I’m still really careful and never do anything to risky. We love camping with our tent trailer ,it’s lots of fun and relaxing. I get a grant from LLS too. They are pretty wonderful. Are you on maintenance? Or SCT?

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