Well, I’m off to drop a load to the thrift store this morning. I’d like it to be more, buts a good size . Also, B is taking a huge load to the dump. Once a year you get a free pass and he uses it. He’s broken up 2 chairs  and a ton of garbage from the barn and yard. 

I love getting rid of things and I’d love to do more in the house to have more white space. Maybe later in the summer I’ll move more stuff out. I’d rather have space than things. I’m debating about painting this summer. Nothing needs it but the kitchen could be done. It’s a great vintage green now, but I’d definitely go with a shade of white next time. So, I’ll see how it goes.

Then I might go do a little shopping for some basics. I need mayonaise and milk and some other little things. But I could wait till tomorrow too. I’ve already done most of my morning chores. Just need a quick vacumm. 

Figured out the next budget which I think will finally give us something back in savings. Hopefully all the extra bills are over till late summer or fall when car insurance and property taxes are due. 

My knee was bothering me walking so we took it easy. I hope it’s only because we walked extra the other day. Getting old, regardless of having cancer is tough. Overall, I can’t complain, until, like this with me knee, I’m complaining. 

Well, off to finish things up. Dinner tonight is grilled asparagus, and fettucine Alfredo.

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