Mondays to do list

I already walked my 2 miles. A little slow as the dex is still affecting me. 

then I’m starting flylady’s home blessing day.

Do the bedroom zone.

Then I’m off to town to bank, and pick up my prescriptions. 

I might go out to the barn and start working on the mess out there. It seems to grow over night mostly due to my son’s piles of stuff..

  • dinner menus for week will be simple
  • last night we had left over black bean burritos and polenta
  • tonight chicken (left over) Alfredo 
  • Tuesday  Broccoli cheddar soup and home made rolls
  • Wednesday  crock pot something
  • Thursday freezer meal of pesto pasta bake and salad
  • Friday homemade pizza or taco night
  • Saturday  soup or chili

This is another busy week as I have to open the library Thursday and then stay for a few hours . Not bad, but it throws the day off.

then I’m hoping to go to ikea to check on a sofa they have. 

So, well see how the week shapes up. They weather is picture perfect.