Sunday musings

We walked again, almost 3 miles. Nice. It is a dex day for me so for those of you who don’t know what decadron does. It’s a steroid that helps with the chemo, but it  causes some unpleasant side effects. I take it at bed so I get thru the night( the first 8 hours) asleep. Well sort of since I never sleep straight thru. But the next day you have a lot of energy for part of the day.  Then you sort of just run out of steam and crash…. I lay down for maybe 3 hours and then by 4pm I start to feel alright.  Tonight then I will take Ativan to sleep otherwise you’d lay there all night. Tomorrow is better and so forth , then it starts all over. It’s once a week . So, that’s my life. I do get a lot of batch cooking done and some Flylady stuff. Usually I finish the zone in an hour . Well, here’s our fall lights outside.Image

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