Getting stuff done!

So it’s Thursday ,and I’m filling in at the library for a few hours. It’ll be good as I lost the shift on Saturday since we were closed. So that’s ok.

Right now I just started red potatoes for mashed potatoes for dinner, and I’m going either going to do chicken or turkey. I won’t be home till 5 so I like it to be done. Then I’ll have left overs for freezing or another meal. 

Exciting news, I maybe getting my bread maker today. I read thru a lot of blogs and decided I didn’t need the most expensive(Zorushi ) sp? . So I looked at all the reviews and found one with excellant reviews. I could keep checking the thrift store .as I did find one there before. But our goodwill is a mad house for hoarders and things are picked over quickly and even when they are still in the large bins coming out. I really can’t stand that grab, grab, mentality. I’d rather just pay for it. In this case it’s being shipped by Walmart for almost nothing. So it’s a win win. I don’t have to go into a store. Mostly I decided after readin some blogs to use it primarily for dough and then bake in my new William Sonoma pans. I’m excited to try it.

then I have some apples and am going to make a crisp. Otherwise, no one is going to eat them. 

Yesterday, I worked on the closet for about 5 minutes. Pulled out the electric heaters. They are very dusty inside so not sure if I’ll use them. We really only have this one closet, sad I know, so it does have to hold a lot. 

I got my cash for food yesterday and non food. Since I spent so much at Costco last week I decided to try and get by with $200 for food. We’ll see. The budget looks good, although, one Bill a special fire tax assessment still hasn’t come out. I paid it on the 7 th so I’m not sure what the hold up is. Maybe I’d better call. Also, I moved $300 to our small savings, this is for odds and ends and whatevers.  We’re still processing extra payments on things or save. I think for now any extra we will save at least thru Christmas. 

B is thinking of trading the elantra for a Sante Fe, so we have something to pull the tent trailer. that means probably  a down payment of some sort. 

We keep talking about a different trailer ,but they’re all expensive. But we do want a hard body with a bathroom. So, we will just keep processing for now.