My new desk!

So we had a good weekend overall, walked 3 miles yesterday. This is week 19…

The weather is beautiful and pretty fall colors. I got a new desk , which I’ve debated about for months, but decided where I had my office stuff was just too messy. I had given my daughter my midcentury desk for her school work. She’s getting a masters in library science. So, I checked Craig’s list forever, and it’s shocking what people try to sell. I mean common on it’s junk, throw it away….. So finally after not finding one attractive desk , I picked this simple desk up from target. I used part of my  52 week savings so the money did not come out of checking. imageI’m pretty happy with it and it has a modern line.

Yesterday, I did the kitchen zone,always more work because of cooking etc. put the oven cleaner so it looks better. I’m going to do some laundry and then it’s off to the library.