The William Morris project


So, I love mid century furniture ,specifically Heywood Wakefield. Here’s ( I hope) a picture of our table. I love this table, but am going to be selling it. why? Because , even though its called a double wishbone, there was a flaw in the design and the table wiggles unless it is against a wall, as shown. So it’s  a difficult decision, but I’ve tried everything, so I think I’m going to get a farm type table. I’d love a midcentury teak Danish one but they are very hard to find and expensive. So , what do you think? Danish, farm type? Ideas?

Allergies? Cold?

imageI am rarely sick. It’s true, even with my compromised immune system do to multiple myeloma, I am rarely sick. So , Friday , I thought ,great, allergies? My throat was mucusy ( is that a word).Saturday , same, Sunday , coughing a little. Monday, coughing a little more. Tuesday I worked my shift and coughing ALOT. Today, I feel sort of worse, ,coughing hard, and I need to go to Costco. So, I’ll take some cough stuff and hope for the best.

Well, like I say, it’s always something. B’s bonus didn’t show up, so we are going to be so tight, with no 0 balance , as B absolutely needs tires on his car. So technically that is a sinking fund, it’s just I was hoping to take it from bonus money and not our zero balance, which now, really is at zero.

On another note just came across a blog I’ve found useful,Alejandra’s I’ll add the direct link when I figure out how to do it on WordPress .

Sunday night chit chat , plus mini goals for the week.

  • imageReading:just finished a cute paperback “out of circulation” about a librarian with a Maine coon cat who goes everywhere with him. Did I mention finishing ” they’d devil in the white city” about the one of the first serial killers in our country during the building of the first worlds fair. This was a terrific book and Eric Larson is a very good writer.
  • Listening to:the ,wan sprinklers and wondering how high our water bill will be.
  • Watching: started Burn Notice, so far pretty good.
  • Cooking/Baking: made 2 homemade pizzas for dinner
  • Happy you accomplished this week: I walked a little everyday. No goal per say, just walking.
  • Looking forward to next week: well, pay day, work on some new zone ideas from a recommendation . It’s Alejandra’s tv something. It’s basically Flylady, but with some new twists.
  • Thankful for today: that my myeloma is somewhat stable, well see what my new blood work shows in two weeks. I’m very saddened that we lost another myeloma friend. Hanna was the person who ,along with 2 others, started the face book support group for multiple myeloma. It is also helpful and I really learn a lot. I will miss her comments and thoughts.
  • Bonus Question – When you’re out and about and a homeless person asks you for money, do you give it?

Well, we have a lot of homeless around Auburn, so generally no. But when I do, it’s usually money, and I too don’t judge whether its for food or booze.

  • So menus for the week
  • Monday, pasta with meatballs, garlic bread and a big salad
  • tuesday, black bean burritos
  • Wednesday, chicken from Costco , salad, tofu grilled
  • Thursday, salmon, tofu, salad , one sort of vegie
  • Friday,  tacos or pizza
  • Saturday, Sammie Saturday , some sort of sandwich for dinner
  • Sunday, a roast or something so, I can make some freezer meals, not sure what yet.

Today, I’m going for a walk, doing flylady’s home blessing, deciding what freezer meals to make. Read. And that’s it probably .

Thursday update!

No skunks in the trap yet…. I saw 3 of the babies last night. Ugh….

On another note, I need to go in an open the library at 3 , it’s ok, I don’t mind going in for 2 hours. Sue, the branch manager, has to close the other branch. I’ll just get things going, do book drop and then she can do the rest. I’m there alone tomorrow ,so I can shelve.

its a little hotter today and by Saturday wow in the triple digits.

Putting in a freezer meal and then I decided to try the pizzas in the book”not your mothers make ahead and freeze cookbook” . So far the only 2 things that didn’t seem to fit what we like we’re the breakfast stuff. I think mostly the eggs didn’t microwave great. Other than that it’s been great and I think ive saved money.

I’m trying not to do any big shopping till next payday, but I do need some vegies and a few things. It seems I usually need more over the weekend. This next payday there isn’t a lot left over to save, but I will add $50 to Christmas.

im thinking about opening an ING savings/checking, any body have any good ideas? Not sure about it. We have checking and savings with a credit union. But they don’t have an allowance for more than 2 or 3 savings . I have a Christmas , EF, and sinking. But sinking funds tend to get mixed up with household things or whatever  and I like the individual ones ING has to offer, but is it worth it and how hard or easy is it to get the money?

Any ideas?

No skunk yet!

We set the trap but no skunk!

maybe tonight, but I’m thinking we should wait till B comes home on Friday.

its really beautiful out right now but it’s suppose to get into the 100’s on Saturday. I do not do well in the heat.

A Skunk!

So, we’ve had a family of skunks living over at our neighbors. Well, the Mom was either killed or was  trapped. So last evening, Ollie, who is a very large mostly indoor cat, decided to check out a baby skunk that mustimage have wandered into our yard.

Yes, he got sprayed full on in the face. What a mess and smell. So today it’s off to rent the have a heart and trap in and move it. I guess. B is not home so it’s just us, can we do it….. I hope so…..

May’s goals update, new June goals

Heres my may goals:

My goals for may will be
* put $500 back in sinking funds ,that were used for birthday, car tags, and spring household stuff. well, I did and then used it again. Actually we’ve dropped our 0 balance to $700, not good, but hopefully we can play catch up.
*go away with B on a work trip to Tahoe!  Yes, it was great fun!
*my daughters 28 birthday is may 29! Wow it seems like yesterday!  We had a nice birthday, with cherry pie and ice cream. Dinner was chicken curry.
*with my new freezer , work on stockpiling concept, so I spend less on food. I love my new freezer, food came in @ $700 so I ok with that.
* walk 5x per week . Not quite but did pretty well.
*get my life magazines down to 6 bins of keepers, even that is too much , but it’s a place to work toward. Unfortunately, the ones left, that I don’t want really don’t sell, so I’ve been giving them to goodwill.   I just finished yesterday, got it done to 10 bins, but 1/2 of those are smaller ones. The rest are in my van waiting to go to goodwill. I hate to see them go, but these just dont sell.
* emotionally , handle what my blood work comes back as. Right now, my blood work is all normal except for the serum protein  which , is at .34. Still very low but it is dectable. I’ll know next week what it is. Then I don t see my doctor till middle of June since he’s on vacation, so I will enjoy that time .  I did ok, my protein came back higher and I didn’t freak. It’s .4 

Im  ok with it , so will wait for this months, even if it’s up it would be at least another month to track the pattern. It sucks, but so does cancer.
I’m sure there more,but I’ll leave it at that.

Overall, I have done a lot, for me. Even painted an old cabinet white.

June’s goals:

  1. Keep walking, I’ll leave it at that
  2. our camping trip to Tahoe is the end of the month! Get food ready!
  3. Organize getting the house ready to paint.
  4. look into opening an ING account for savings. It seems to help budgets to have some money separate. We don’t have a lot of money,but Ilike the idea.
  5. Make at least six more freezer meals. Something’s have worked well, others not so much. So it’s a learning process. I’m waiting for the organic chicken I use to go on sale, and stock up.
  6. see my oncologist in the middle of the month, just be ok! I do think I’m going to have to go back on drugs, but I don’t think it will be till August.,as we’ll need to see the next 2 months of m- protein results.
  7. read another biography, and 1 non ffictions.
  8. work on my blog, and add pictures!

Weekend to do

We’re putting in the window coolers. Tomorrow it’s suppose to almost a 100 in Sacramento, so maybe 95 here. Our little house has no central. It is a wood stove in winter and window coolers  in the summer. Surprising , they are energy efficient . 

Tomorrow I’m back for my 4 hour shift at the best little library ever, and the best patrons. One of our patrons, has put together 3 binders of Applegate library history. Very impressive, Barbara! It’s also the kick off of our summer reading program.

Sunday, B ,is heading to Portland , for a week of work. Very intense. I’m going to pace myself, and I’m determined to finish sorting all my Life magazines. Yes,I will do it!

then there’s a few bins of mementos , and try and get it down to 1, not likely so 2 small ones.

other than that do menus, read, tidy , maybe work on the June budget. I’d like to make an extra Prius payment, but not sure if that’s possible.

imageThis is Squaw Valley.