Allergies? Cold?

imageI am rarely sick. It’s true, even with my compromised immune system do to multiple myeloma, I am rarely sick. So , Friday , I thought ,great, allergies? My throat was mucusy ( is that a word).Saturday , same, Sunday , coughing a little. Monday, coughing a little more. Tuesday I worked my shift and coughing ALOT. Today, I feel sort of worse, ,coughing hard, and I need to go to Costco. So, I’ll take some cough stuff and hope for the best.

Well, like I say, it’s always something. B’s bonus didn’t show up, so we are going to be so tight, with no 0 balance , as B absolutely needs tires on his car. So technically that is a sinking fund, it’s just I was hoping to take it from bonus money and not our zero balance, which now, really is at zero.

On another note just came across a blog I’ve found useful,Alejandra’s I’ll add the direct link when I figure out how to do it on WordPress .