The William Morris project


So, I love mid century furniture ,specifically Heywood Wakefield. Here’s ( I hope) a picture of our table. I love this table, but am going to be selling it. why? Because , even though its called a double wishbone, there was a flaw in the design and the table wiggles unless it is against a wall, as shown. So it’s  a difficult decision, but I’ve tried everything, so I think I’m going to get a farm type table. I’d love a midcentury teak Danish one but they are very hard to find and expensive. So , what do you think? Danish, farm type? Ideas?

2 thoughts on “The William Morris project

  1. I’m with May! It’s a gorgeous piece…but if it’s not functioning the way you want and it can’t, I’d vote for moving on. (Never thought of tables as being like boyfriends, but I guess they can be.)

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