Weekend to do

We’re putting in the window coolers. Tomorrow it’s suppose to almost a 100 in Sacramento, so maybe 95 here. Our little house has no central. It is a wood stove in winter and window coolers  in the summer. Surprising , they are energy efficient . 

Tomorrow I’m back for my 4 hour shift at the best little library ever, and the best patrons. One of our patrons, has put together 3 binders of Applegate library history. Very impressive, Barbara! It’s also the kick off of our summer reading program.

Sunday, B ,is heading to Portland , for a week of work. Very intense. I’m going to pace myself, and I’m determined to finish sorting all my Life magazines. Yes,I will do it!

then there’s a few bins of mementos , and try and get it down to 1, not likely so 2 small ones.

other than that do menus, read, tidy , maybe work on the June budget. I’d like to make an extra Prius payment, but not sure if that’s possible.

imageThis is Squaw Valley.

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