Sunday night chit chat , plus mini goals for the week.

  • imageReading:just finished a cute paperback “out of circulation” about a librarian with a Maine coon cat who goes everywhere with him. Did I mention finishing ” they’d devil in the white city” about the one of the first serial killers in our country during the building of the first worlds fair. This was a terrific book and Eric Larson is a very good writer.
  • Listening to:the ,wan sprinklers and wondering how high our water bill will be.
  • Watching: started Burn Notice, so far pretty good.
  • Cooking/Baking: made 2 homemade pizzas for dinner
  • Happy you accomplished this week: I walked a little everyday. No goal per say, just walking.
  • Looking forward to next week: well, pay day, work on some new zone ideas from a recommendation . It’s Alejandra’s tv something. It’s basically Flylady, but with some new twists.
  • Thankful for today: that my myeloma is somewhat stable, well see what my new blood work shows in two weeks. I’m very saddened that we lost another myeloma friend. Hanna was the person who ,along with 2 others, started the face book support group for multiple myeloma. It is also helpful and I really learn a lot. I will miss her comments and thoughts.
  • Bonus Question – When you’re out and about and a homeless person asks you for money, do you give it?

Well, we have a lot of homeless around Auburn, so generally no. But when I do, it’s usually money, and I too don’t judge whether its for food or booze.

  • So menus for the week
  • Monday, pasta with meatballs, garlic bread and a big salad
  • tuesday, black bean burritos
  • Wednesday, chicken from Costco , salad, tofu grilled
  • Thursday, salmon, tofu,┬ásalad , one sort of vegie
  • Friday, ┬átacos or pizza
  • Saturday, Sammie Saturday , some sort of sandwich for dinner
  • Sunday, a roast or something so, I can make some freezer meals, not sure what yet.

Today, I’m going for a walk, doing flylady’s home blessing, deciding what freezer meals to make. Read. And that’s it probably .