Working the budget

imageWell, the rain has stopped. Actually since we weren’t camping it was great to get that much rain for the garden . But, it’s suppose to be 100 by the weekend. Go figure?,!

So, it’s budget day. All Julys bills are in and I have a few to write out and send. But, I send those to coordinate with the next pay check. I’d hoped to have the Prius paid off by now but as usual we are not really ahead. I put$50 in Santa, and moved $500 back to sinking. It’s again not what I hoped but at least it’s something. Groceries I’ve put at $300 and that may have to include non food. I’m going to do some batch cooking for the freezer ,so I made need more bulk items. Yesterday, I made a spinach lasagna and this yummy pesto penne pasta bake. Both are in the freezer. I’m going to do enchiladas and double stuffed potatoes. It’s off to Costco today and winco. June we did spend less on food, but non food and cat food were too high.

If you remember our cat tucker has feline diabetes, so we are feeding him can food every 4 hours.

I’m not budgeting any clothes for July. We spent too much in June which is unusual. I almost never buy clothes but I found a few things I needed. I still need new walking shoes, but that will have to wait till I see how the budget is. B needs tires and a 30,000 mile service. Both big money items for us.

So yesterday, I decided not to box up the Franciscan dishes. I decided I don’t use the shelves their on,because there too high for me. So I’m going to see if I do use them , if not ….

I got school art and main lesson books( for you Waldorf people), down to 1 bin. We also have almost another load to go to the thrift store. A tent with no poles I found. Where the heck did that come from? So out in our funky barn we have shelves I the middle ,that actually help the structure, and that’s where I store Christmas etc. My goal is to only have what will fit on these shelves. Christmas is about 4 bins, LOTR binders( kids stuff) 1 bin, art work 1 bin, Z’s brio set 1 bin, Star Trek stuff 2 bins if I’m honest:) ,and some others. But it’s almost where it’s good for now.

What I’ve discovered in this simplifing journey, is each time I go thru stuff, I find less to keep, less that really just doesn’t need to be stored in a bin. Many many years ago, we were very influenced by everything Japanese. Hence , my daughters name is Sachiko. But we were very wabi sabi. Alan watts kinda, “Uncarved Block, Unbleached Silk”. So I guess it’s always been there for us. But after you live somewhere 20 years, stuff accumulates. We still have a very small house( under 1000 sq ft), but as anyone with kids knows, stuff just appears. So it’s now, less is more.

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