Rain, rain, rain!

image imageimage

I’m going to pack up the Franciscan ware dish set I and put in a cabinet I have. This set is desert  rose. It was service for eight and I have given half away. Mostly they had chips and were mostly seconds. So I’m putting them in a box. If I don’t use them in 6 months for a special occasion, I will give to a friend.

I’m looking into buying shelving called Elfa. I want to seriously change our pantry from our front walk in porch to the kitchen. This shelving looks simple and seems easy to install. Not sure overall how expensive it is.

Today in the rain, I’m going out to the barn and go thru some kids artwork and get it down to 1 bin. I have all their special Waldorf toys in 1 bin. Baby blankets in another. So I am definitely getting it down to a nice small amount. Since I started this minimalism journey, I have really pared everything down. It feels so great.

Should hear from the nurse today or tomorrow on my M protein……….. Worry……..

So have any of you used the Elfa system?

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