Window washing!

Walked yesterday, 3 miles . Yeah, so it was more than my usual.

today, I’m washing the outside windows. The Flylady zone is the outside entry so I had gone to Home Depot the other day and bought that windex spray that you put on a hose. I’ve used it before and with very good results. 

I’m waiting for my revlimid delivery today, so I have to be here as it is signature required. Then I checked my LLS Account and it looks like my fax for the co pay didn’t go thru or got lost. So, I’m going to just mail it along with the insurance reinbursement. Sometimes these things are such a pain In the you know what.

Still tweaking budget numbers. It’s kinda depressing to read other blogs and their retirement accounts are 1 million, half a million. We have not much. Well, I guess we will see how it goes. 

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