A new week and a new year!

So it’s Monday, and it’s a new week. 

The last few days were nice. Pretty normal for us. I worked friday and Saturday at the best little job in the world. The library was so slow, even slower at our branch than normal. I’ve read a few books that were ok. The Forgotten Garden, is good if you like a mystery that’s not murder. Then some Robert Parker’s Jesse stone books. I like these. They are quick , and I like the character. 

Then Sunday it was a Costco, winco trip. I’m all set for groceries for a week or two. I’ll need to get to Costco with the coupon book in January as turbo tax, and some other items I use are on sale. But other than that, and veggies , we should be fine. 

This is my week off revlimid and no dex Saturday, so it’s nice to get that break. I’m going in this morning to get my blood test. This month is uunusual,as my doctor is moving over to Mercy cancer center, so I’ll have this test and then he’ll get the results and then I’ll see him at the end of the month. This finishes month 5. I’m not sure but I feel my numbers are probably the same or still inching up. 

Yesterday, was day 214 walking. This starts week 32 or 33 , but it’s cool and I’m glad we are perservering. 

It’s really kinda fun to go out in the dark and then finish  when it’s just getting light. 

It is freezing!

We are in for some artic weather. Believe me , in California , where we live ,we just don’t get days of only a high of 44 and lows in the twenties. Once in awhile maybe a night or two, but we are in for an extended period. Also, I saw snow for Saturday. Did I mention I hate the cold.?  Also, I came home from work at 2, and immediately my sinuses were drippig and I felt off. I’d better not be getting something, as I have a doctors appt on Thursday. rescheduling isn’t an option ,unless, I’m really really sick, as I have to start my revlimid on Friday, and I need my blood work done. Ahhhhh , did I mention ,I hate the cold??

Windy day and night!

Our weather is windy, windy and it’s going to be windier tonight . Have I mentioned I have a wind phobia. Well, maybe not a true phobia, but it makes me extremely uncomfortable. That’s because @ 5 years ago in a huge wind storm I watched 2 gigantic ponderosa pines fall. Yes, I did. What are the chances of standing at one window and watch one smash our neighbors RV, and then not 10 minutes later going to another window and watch another tree fall and miss our house and dogs by maybe 8 feet. It was not fun, so hence my phobia.

It’s been a tough week, maybe revlimid is getting harder to take , I don’t know,I’m  just tired and a little grumpy and sort of distracted.

I’m going over to open the library later and then I’ll stay to my co worker gets back from a meeting. I don’t do evenings . I’m tired and want to just be home with dinner done , wine in hand , and a movie in.

its close. Walking 180 days straight. This weekend. I’m pretty proud of that.

November 2. :(

Well, the nurse called late yesterday. M-protein still at .5

Im disappointed but at least it’s not going up. But is revlimid doing anything? Is it keeping me stable at this number. 

I don’t really know. I guess we all want to see results when we take chemo drugs, but it doesnt always happen. That’s 3 months on revlimid. So I guess well just go forward and see how the next 2 cycles are. 

Depressed but I’ll get over it. 


I’m still waiting for UPS to deliver my revlimid. It’s almost 4 pm, and it was suppose to be before 12 noon delivery. It seems there’s always a problem.

My monoclonal protein is about the same at .5

I’m disappointed as it’s hard to go thru a whole cycle and not get better results. But we’ll just have to see how this one goes. 

Kinda a weird day, cloudy and cool. I’m making chicken tortilla soup using Pioneer Woman’s recipe. Hers are always yummy.

Monday morning catch up.

I’ve been busy with all kinds if things since last week especially as the rev/dex wore off. This is my week off till probably Thursday. That’s the earliest I can get delivery as you have to sign for the revlimid. So, I’ve painted kitchen cabinets, worked on organizing pots and pans. Also, did another sweep thru the pantry. 

On the low spend September, it’s not been to good. I’m doing great with food/non food but house painting and house miscellaneous is still adding up. Two trips to Home Depot , and another $75 apprx. Then some more paint for the aviary, and so it goes. I guess I’ll be happy if we can at least cut the food/ non food some. 

I read “My Life in France” ,by Julia Child. It was really pretty fascinating. Now I’m reading some little murder mystery paper back, can’t even think of the title. 

This week I work 1 extra day,but next week I’ll e filling for my co worker who is getting surgery. I’m a little concerned especially being on revlimid. I’m telling myself, just pace yourself. 

Oh, the exciting news was yesterday was my 100 th day walking! Now I’m going for the next 30 days. I havent  really lost any weight but I’m walking and that’s what matters. 

On a sadder note, a myeloma blogger on the myeloma beacon, isn’t doing well and is expected to die in the next few days. It’s always a somber reminder that this is a terminal disease. She lives in Idaho, and has a wonderful dog named Kemmer. He’s a beautiful golden retriever. She also has an incredibly support sister, Jani, who has been there for her the whole way. She’s tried every combination of drugs, and now nothing is working. I’ll miss her posts.

September low spend update and other things!

So, it’s going okay with the low spending. Monday was just gas in the van,$20. Tuesday was no spend, Wednesday was $5 for cat food.  (Remember we have Tucker who is a diabetic cat and needs food every 4hours. Then also, got cash for groceries , and non food. 

Today we went to Sacramento to see Dr.L, my blood work was all good, so were set for the next round of revlimid. I told him all my complaints, dry mouth, tired, on and on. But overall, it’s ok. I won’t start even till next week, as I have to be here for delivery and that will have to be next Thursday . So I’ll get a little break. I’llImage know about my m- protein next week.

I thought I was getting Zometa today but its next month, so off we went to trader joes, wine, and a few things. Winco, cat food, organic salad. Then costco, for some food, and non food. TP, Lysol wipes. So totals were, non food, $62, food,$60, wine ,including champagne , $30.

so, not too bad. Tomorrow, I work and its a no spend day except for a gift card for a friend who lent us the paint sprayer. I’ll put this in extra, as it is just that.

Heres the front of the house painted. I love the black on the door. 

Sunday night chit chat.

  • imageReading: Just finished Elizabeth Alder’s “Just Don’t Tell”, ok mystery thriller.
  • now I’m reading”the Silent Wife”. It is excellent, but again this is a true psychological thriller.
  • Watching: I watched a stupid girl movie, “Friends with money”, dont waste your time.
  • Listening to: fire planes, there is a fire in our area.
  • Cooking/Baking:made a yummy chicken stir fry.
  • Happy you accomplished this week: Well, I walked every day, we got the studio painted, inside and out.
  • Thankful for:  My wonderful husband, my two great children, our health insurance , and life is good.
  • Bonus Question: Can you walk well in high heels? Do you wear them often?
  • I would love to wear a pair of jimmy choo’s just once, but alas, I have terrible feet and have to wear something low with a ton of support.
So,on a different note, I should get the call about my revlimid today. I see the doctor on Thursday , so I will explain how unhappy I was that this fell thru the cracks somewhere…
On the other hand I got an extra month off chemo, but if my numbers are up again, I won’t be thrilled about the delay.
The picture is from DLBliss campground in Tahoe, where B  and my daughter Sachi are camping and kayaking.I’m  home on cat duty.

Beautiful weather and maybe shingles , AGAIN!

First, I don’t know for sure it’s shingles. But I’m not waiting 3 days to find out. Yesterday in the afternoon I was floating peacefully in the pool, and my upper black started to itch. Ok, bug bite? So, I get out and think well, it’s still burning some. Then by 6 pm , I’m going this is too weird, my skin on my upper back is burning and itching. Hmmmm , my daughter gets home and I ask her to look at my back, she says it looks like a rash, in quarter sizes. No evidence of a bug bite. I take a few Advil ( I know we’re not suppose to with myeloma, but sometimes..so by 9 pm I’m in PAIN! What the ##~~¥¥¥+***! Now I’m trying not to freak, because when I had shingles on my arm last spring, I didn’t even know what they looked like. So , long story short, I called Dr. L right away this am, said I’m not sure but….. So the nurse called back and said, start valacyclovir . 

Even if its not shingles I don’t care, I just don’t want to risk it. It’s 12 noon and its still burning and itching so who knows? Allergic reaction? 


On another note I asked her while she was on the phone about the revlimid and that I hadn’t heard from Curascript. Good thing because she said she called it in on the 24th. So she was going to follow on with a call to them. Not that I’m rushing to start but, I might as well man up to it. Or woman up to it. But at the pharmacy I loaded up on immodium , and Benadryl , as last time both were needed. 

I’m going to to another blog today on The William Morris project from Pancakesandfrenchfries website. Check back.

Hot, very hot!

It is so hot herein Northern California . On my drive home from the library, my car registered 102. That’s hot. In our small house we have 2 window air conditioners. Yes, I use them when it’s this hot. We do turn them off at night though. This is suppose to continue till Friday. Ugh! I do not do well in hot weather.

On a happier note, yesterday was my day 30 of walking everyday. I’m starting today to do month two. My motto has been just walk. So if I did one round in the park(.5) or 3 I did it. So I’m very excited.

Haven’t worked out the budget yet, but B’s tires were a whopping $584. So $84 over budget.

I’ll work on posting goals and budget tomorrow.

On another note, one of the myeloma specialists on the myeloma beacon responded to my question of should I start back on drugs. Basically he said since it is a trend he would be leaning going back on. So, I’ve decided that if my numbers go up again, I will ask to go back on revlimid and dex in August. I just think waiting is not an option if it goes up again. It’s harder to get numbers to go down if they’re going up. 😦