Enjoying New Brighton State Beach

We left early Sunday and arrived here around 12:45. The campground has been quite unbusy which seems unusual. The beachside camp spots, which are premium spots, were not all filled. So we’re figuring either people are not showing up or the park service isn’t reserving them as they are close to the cliffs. We drove over to Sea Cliff State Beach and that whole campground and parking for the beach was destroyed in the big storm a month or so ago. That’s when we had reservations here but canceled. That was when the incredible rains we were getting were causing massive flooding in this area.

It’s been foggy in the morning and then sunny in the afternoon. The temperatures are perfect at @ 70. Mornings are pleasant too and not cold at all.

Today we’re driving into Santa Cruz to find the Anytime gym and do some weights. If I can get at least one workout in I’ll feel good about that. So we’ll check it out. We might then go walk the lighthouse trail but I think we’ll wait till we’re done and see how we feel. We don’t need any groceries so we should be good on that front.

This is a view of the spot. It’s one of the nicer ones we’ve had here. Lots of space and was an easy back-in.

We keep our meals simple and I have a menu plan for all days. Breakfast is usually simple like yogurt, fruit, scrambled eggs, and maybe pancakes. Lunch is just sandwiches. Dinner last night was tofu burgers on the Weber and potato salad. Tonight will be salad and pasta of some sort.

I read one book already, The Buy nothing book, that was written by the 2 women that started the whole Buy Nothing groups on Facebook. In our area, we have a Pay it Forward group, which is the same thing. It was an interesting read about changing our perspective on being a giving society instead of consumer one. I think it’s worth a read if your library has it.

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