Back to the usual.

I am so glad we left Wright’s and got home early. The drive must have wiped me out because it took two days to just get back into the swing of things.

I went to the gym yesterday and the library. It felt good to do the weights and some treadmill. After that, I stopped at Trader Joe’s and bought groceries that should get us through a week or so. I also picked up a small orchid as a treat.

Then this morning it was back to the pool and swimming. It felt great to be back in the water. I am so grateful I can swim at Mike Shelito Pool.

Then when I got home and put the sourdough boule in the oven. I just cut apiece and it’s quite yummy.

I opened an Etsy store to sell our old Indian jewelry that was Barclay’s dads’ from the ’70s. If it doesn’t sell eventually I’ll just donate to the hospice store but I thought I’d try this first. There’s nothing stupendous about them but they are nice silver pieces.

Today, I plan on making a Rancho Gordo recipe of beans that was on his website.

If you go to Rancho Gordo it should be there.