Simple Sunday

Another rainy Sunday but that’s ok, we really need all the rain and snow we can get. We’ve received almost 3″ of rain so that’s great. Tomorrow looks sunny and I think I’ll plan on going to the rec center and then the library. I’m reading the new Ann Cleaves, Vera book. She’s a good writer and Vera is a very interesting character and in the books, she is a much more complicated character.

This week Flylady zone is the bathroom and I did that yesterday as there was nothing else to do. I do a swish and swipe daily in the bathroom.

I might pop into town to get those GCs so it’s done but I’ll have to see how the rain is later. Christmas is 2 weeks away so there’s still time although I’d like to give the one GC to the garbage guy this week. Hanukkah is next Sunday so I might do the $10 GCs then to like Starbucks and In n Out Burger. I also wanted to get a couple of small boxes of chocolates to give to.

Menus for the week include:

baked chicken and potatoes of some sort with salad

tofu curry with rice

breakfast for dinner, probably pancakes and scrambled eggs

mushroom quiche with salad

soup of some sort maybe lentil

Mexican themed something maybe enchiladas and I did buy the Costo cheese and chile tamales which are delicious.

Well, that’s it for a rainy day.

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