Frugal Friday

We are in for another big storm later today and thru the weekend. I’m not going down to the pool or the gym since the rain is supposed to be heavy and with wind. Not my favorite combination. 😦 I figure I need to just accept I’ll swim when I can and if something comes up where I can’t go, just relax with it. I am already though thinking of how to swim and get my Velcade shot when the time comes. Lap swimming is only till 9:25am. so If I go later @ 8am I can swim and then go to infusion by 9:30 or so. I’m a planner so I need a plan in place or at least a tentative one.

Today is just a potter around the house day. I want to get some Hanukkah candles out and put out the dark blue star cloth I use every year. I don’t plan to do gift things every night for the first few nights. I plan on making some banana choc chip bread too.

Costco went well and it was busy but we found our way around and were out in 30 minutes. We kept it fairly tight without throwing lots of extra stuff in the cart and we came out at just over $300 so I was very happy about that. We bought 2 bags of coffee so that should get us thru till mid-January.

As far as Christmas shopping, I have a few more GCs to get. One for the garbage guy who works incredibly hard in rain, snow, etc, and one for each of the kids. I’m really terrible about thinking of gifts for them when they get whatever they want. I guess with a gift card they can just get something they want.

Gas prices are dropping and that’s very exciting. We got gas at Costco for $3.99 so wow, what a difference.

Here’s the recipe for the banana bread I’m using. It’s from a cookbook I got from the library.

The cookbook is “Bake” by Paul Hollywood.

7 thoughts on “Frugal Friday

  1. That recipe sounds delicious! I’ll have to look into whether my library has the book too. Thanks for the GC idea as I am struggling with my digital nomad older son and DIL’s gifts. Heavy rain is a good reason to stay home if you can.

  2. I am basically doing gift cards for my family too, except for the children……although the 11 year old wants a gift card for his video games so that leaves just 2 little ones and they aren’t fussy. This is probably the last year that the baby (2) doesn’t fully grasp the concept so he’s happy with anything. It’s been raining for days here too. I’m ready for snow…….never thought I’d say that!

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