Friday Things

I’m in the middle of making spinach and mushroom crepes. I had to go down to the Holiday Market for gruyere and ended up spending $77.00. Food is really expensive and it seems every time I’m in the store it’s almost $100. I haven’t totaled this month up but I’m sure it’s going to be VERY high. Both Costco and the Azure order(which will be here next week) were around $300. So right there that’s $600. Oh well, I’ll just blame it on the holidays and inflation. sigh^^>>^^.

The kids took off in the Santa Fe for Hollywood this morning. Hopefully, it’s a good trip for them and fun too. My daughter, whose an author of Gay/lesbian Vampires, Werewolves, and other unworldly beings books, is there for the Whatpad convention for paid writers. I think there are awards being given and she is up for one. Her books are read worldwide and she has a big following. My son and his friend are going to the world tour concert by Elton John at Dodger stadium.

I won’t be going to the gym or pool unless I have B drive me in the truck. I could use my daughter’s Honda Fit but it’s such a small car it makes me nervous. So that’s ok, I can wait til next week if necessary.

Our days continue to be beautiful. There are still leaves on the trees so probably in the next storm they’ll all come down. We had a tree person look at the snags on the bottom of the property and he quoted $1500. I just laughed and said they can fall. I would prefer they don’t fall on the neighbor’s fence again but I’m not paying that kind of money for 2 snags. I’m hoping we can find someone who’s a logger( and needs work) to drop them for $100.

Next week is Thanksgiving and I plan on having most of our simple meal prepped and done by Wednesday except for the turkey, I made the nut loaf yesterday and froze that. I’ll use the canned cranberry sauce I made and then make mashed potatoes, green beans and, stuffing. I’m sure my sister’s family,which is quite large as she had 5 kids and they all have kids, will miss her. We never spent Thanksgiving together but I’ll miss talking to her. We were never really close but in these last 15 years she has been there for me and my family. So I’ll raise a glass to her. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. I try not to go to the shops between shops as I too would spend more than the one item I needed! Hope the Hollywood trip goes well. I am still recovering from Covid and watching a lot of daytime TV over here which is mainly lots of American Christmas films (movies) every day – I am almost all Christmassed out now!
    Interesting about your daughter – do you know this blog by Lyssa Medina she is a published writer local to me and she writes about vampires and things.
    I am making our Christmas Day nutloaf tomorrow to put in the freezer – nuts are such a price now but I managed to buy them on offer a while ago. Eggs here are getting scarce because of the bird flu problem and there will be a shortage of turkies this Christmas – thankfully we are vegetarian.

    • Do you use brown rice as your base in the nut loaf?? The recipe I’ve used for years is from Tassajara Cooking. I’ll check out the author and ask my daughter if she knows the name. I hope you are getting better and the holidays aren’t too stressful.

      • Our Christmas Nut Loaf has brown rice in it rather than breadcrumbs which is better for my daughter who is gluten intolerant. I often switch out recipes with breadcrumbs for rice, though they can be a bit sloppier and crumbly.

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