Grateful Wednesday

In the midst of America going gun-crazy and kids killing other kids with AR-15s, I am still grateful in my small world for things.

  • We had a safe travel day to and from Tahoe.
  • We had the finances to pay for gas.
  • I’m grateful to my daughter and son for taking care of things like the garden while we were gone. ( mostly my daughter did all that but Zephyr did make dinner 2 nights.)
  • I can get up and go for a walk and feel good.
  • I can swim for 40 minutes non-stop and that’s a good thing too.
  • Although we still have a mortgage, we can afford it whilst on SS.
  • For now, our health continues to be good with no surprises. ( a break for the time being which I am VERY grateful for).
  • A president that has brought dignity back to the office and doesn’t spend all day tweeting and eating McDonald’s.