Ha, The Ooni pizza disaster.

Well, it was the first time using the Ooni this season but still. 😦

I don’t have a picture but suffice to say the one pizza came out in pieces and the first came out in one piece but not really charred on the bottom enough. My guess is one of two things: the pellets are not heating up the pizza stone enough and we need to look at a different pellet, and two the oven just wasn’t coming up to temperature(it’s supposed to come up to 925 ‘) and that’s why the second one wasn’t cooking right.

I went in the house and put together the third one, which was gouda cheese and jalapenos, and that cooked better and came out in one piece. I’ll need to check with Ooni about getting it up to the right temperature as it had enough time to do so. Also, check out different pellets at the store or online.

I only know of one other blogger who has an Ooni, but does anyone else use a pizza oven like this with any tips. Barclay did feed the pellets for almost 15 minutes but maybe that wasn’t long enough.

Oh well, cooking disasters can only make you stronger or get rid of the cause:(