Friday things and a nice birthday for me.

First, another turn around the sun. I had a lovely day and we got Panera for dinner which is a treat for us. All in all, a nice day especially with this beautiful weather. My son got me two albums by a really great artist,sarah jarosz.

I actually didn’t want anything for my birthday as we just got the truck and the RV this summer but he’s a generous son and bought it for me anyway.

As a matter of no gifts, this will be the FIRST christmas ever I don’t buy presents. I think I’m just done trying to figure out gifts for everyone and so I decided to not do any. I don’t think I’ll put up the tree either. What I will do is give both kids some money and call it good.It’ll be weird on Christmas morning because we are use to some presents but it’s a good time to start a new tradition of no gifts.

Hey, speaking of budget stuff/spending did anyone else get enormous increases in Part D prescription plans. Mine is going from $28.50 to $68 and Barclay’s is going from $26 to $71. WTF is that about?? Did I miss something about increases in Part D prescription plans??? Anyway that is going to increase our budget stuff.

I’m off to get my flu shot this morning and maybe do another Goodwill drop off. I still have a few more things to take out to buggie so I might wait till next week.

I’m still waiting on my labs which is annoying me as i still can’t get in the patient portal to see the results so I have to call. Kind of a PITA really.

I finished paying the UCD final bill from August of 2019 where B was in the month in between Medicare and Cobra. What a joke that was. The cobra was supposed to pay for all the coverage and did squat and we were still paying $700 a month. My advice is NEVER do a cobra. Well, it’s done so that’s a nice feeling. Of course our house insurance has increased, I guess, because of all the fires in California especially in our area. Well, it’s always something!!!

I have my monthly menu plan done for October so I just need to laminate it. Tonight is pizza night but I don’t feel like a pizza so I think I’ll do something with an Italian theme. We had an Ooni last week, two actually, and so that made 30 pizzas with the Ooni which at $10 a pizza paid for itself. I plan on keeping it in the garden shed so if it’s not too cold or rainy in the fall or winter we can pull it out and make some Friday night pizzas.

This was last weeks!

8 thoughts on “Friday things and a nice birthday for me.

  1. Happy Birthday. I am sad to hear everyone is getting the huge increase. I thought it was just my shitty plan. I started on Medicare September 1 and got the letter the next week that Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield was going from $19.90 a month to $80.93. Plus costs of my copays have tripled. I am NOT happy.

    • How strange these increases. I’d like to know why though?? Is it something with Medicare costs?? I haven’t seen anything in the news related to this so ????

  2. Happy Birthday! My husband’s Part D is going up from $14 to $20/month. My understanding is that you can shop around and switch Part D plans every year during open enrollment, so maybe that is an option?

    • I wonder why yours is only going up a fraction? yes, you can shop around once open enrollment starts but for the sake of simplicity I was going to go with the plans we have in place. I will check around but I think the increases are probably across the board. Weird?

  3. Many happy returns; may this next year be marvelous for you.
    “Come celebrate with me that everyday something has tried to kill me and has failed” – L. Clifton.

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