Velcade, round 3, shot #1 or #7 depending on how you’re counting.

It was raining quite a bit driving down to Rocklin.

I needed to have a blood draw as they want CMP and CBC every 2 weeks. So that was fine and then I had my shot. I shared the good news with the nurse that Velvade has dropped my kappa light chains dramatically.

It was still sprinkling on the way home but i wanted to top at the Ace in Auburn as they apparently had the eggshell finish the other Ace did not. So I got 2 gallons of that and then wanted the high gloss in a quart and she said they don’t carry that one. I’m thinking to myself, this is the third Ace I’ve been to and they all have a different story. They are independently owned but sheesh. Get it together. So now I have to go back to the original Ace out at Lake of the PInes and hoe they still have the high gloss. Well, that will have to wait till after dex days.

Here’s a shot my husband took of the living room/dining area getting the paint over. We still need to do the TV wall and that means moving that stuff out so it’ll be another day or so. It looks great though!! I’d like to replace the ceiling fan with a lower profile one eventually.

Today is just do basics day although I do have my Tartine sourdough ready to go in the oven. I started my starter 2 days ago so today will be bake day.

We didnt walk this morning( my decision) because on the morning after Dex I have a lot of shortness of breath walking so I figured I’d skip and maybe walk on our no-walk day which is Monday. We’ll see. It may just be a pass day.

There was a sprinkling of snow yesterday and the yard has still some on it. If I can get a picture soon I’ll post it.

Tonight is my son’s turn to cook since it’s a dex day and I must stay away from sharp objects:)

I know I have some meals I need to do in the next few days including an egg dinner as we are now getting 10 eggs a day from the girls. I’ll either do a frittata or some other baked egg dish. Then I have zucchini I bought to make another Tucson stew with. I may even skip pizza night and do that instead.

Here’s another angle of the front room. B did around the other window wall so that’s done now too.

4 thoughts on “Velcade, round 3, shot #1 or #7 depending on how you’re counting.

  1. I love a freshly painted room. Looks bright and clean. I just painted a spare bedroom. It has been part office, part grandkids play room. The youngest is 9 and they have outgrown most of the toys and stuff. I am thinking about putting the treadmill in that room along with the office stuff.
    I woke up this morning to no snow! So happy, I need to start walking outside again. We have lots of yard cleanup to do now but at least I can see the grass again.
    Happy spring!

    • Are you getting pounded by that storm that hit Denver? Sounds dreadful. It definitely is spring here but today it’s supposed to rain. I’m glad you can get out and walk!!

  2. Gosh, it looks amazing! We built a 14 x 22 family room lots of years ago. It was so bright and beautiful with the white primer, I left it for many years. Then one wild weekend we painted it a olive/forest green (LOL) and I love that too. But it’s been over ten years green now and I am ready for something else. You are inspiring me!

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