Smoke, smoke and more smoke!!

Our temperatures have gone way down to the ’80’s but we are still being choked by smoke. No blue skies and just haze constantly.

The pictures of SF are so apocalyptic. That same day our skies turned a bizarre purplish orange and it was dark at 3pm. My daughter said,” Just wait till Yellowstone blows”. Very reassuring.

The week has been overall ok. I had my Flu shot, the over 65 dose, and had a bit of a headache from it. In the past I’ve actually spiked a fever for maybe an hour then it’s gone. The pharmacist said the one dose is good for the whole season. Now B and the kids need to go get theirs. We usually all do it at the end of September or into October but this year I wanted to get ahead of it.

Barclay’s liver numbers went down but still not in the normal range. Just above high normal. At least that’s something. Although it’s been going up and then coming down. I still think it’s the Jakafi but he’s only on a single dose so who knows. He also has an IGIV next week since his immunoglobulins are down. It’s too be expected with his drugs. I will drop him off and Sachi will go get him. It’s not in Sacramento but Roseville so I’m planning to either go to Winco or Trader Joes.

It is so depressing about the fires,politics, everything. I just hope we can see some relief soon with the fires and the politics. I have to say though I am thrilled that tRump’s world is unraveling. He deserves nothing but shame and holding the place of “the worst president in American history”.

I’m planning on buying Woodward’s book only to support the fact he wrote it.

This is the book I use the recipe from for my pizza dough. I’ve made a number of her recipes and they are all good. I did buy her second book ” Let’s Stay in ” as a Christmas present for myself, but didnt like it all and gave it away.

This is the best recipe I have found so far. Always comes out great.

10 thoughts on “Smoke, smoke and more smoke!!

  1. Oh I so hope you’re safe up north.
    Yeah, hopefully with any luck, Orange man is going down in flames, along w/his fat ass lying ag
    Think I’m angry??!!

  2. The smoke here is horrible, too. It looks like fog. I read Cohen’s book for the same reason, but it just made me sad to read about such despicable human beings. Even Cohen, who was quite apologetic, loved it for a long time before he flipped.

  3. N Cal is really getting awful smoke as is Oregon. Our Pasadena family came out to stay to escape the smoke there and now ours is getting worse too. Hate to think what else could go wrong this year.
    Thanks for the pizza dough recipe.

      • We’re in a part of Oregon that is experiencing smoke / unhealthy air advisories but no nearby fires (well, define nearby I guess as the whole state is up in flames) — our county is being used to evacuate humans and animals from other parts of the state. It’s just crazy to see the fire maps for the entire west coast.

  4. My sister and her husband were going to brave Covid and drive up from Phoenix to Seattle to deliver a car to their grown son who lives there. But then the fire and the smoke — apparently some of the roads are even closed. What will happen next?

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