Finally a change in the weather.

Today is supposed to be our last hot day coming in at 93. This morning it was nice and cool walking. The rest of the week forecasts for the 80’s. I cannot wait.

This summer we have not used the BBQ except one time and that was at midday because I knew it would be too hot later. We also have not eaten out on the patio at all. This house sits with the front door facing N but this whole side gets the sun from the West all afternoon. So the patio is in full sun during dinner time. We have 2 umbrellas and 2 of those triangle shades but it’s still too hot when it’s 100 degrees out there. So maybe this week we can at least eat out there.

Here’s a pizza I made for lunch the other day for Barclay as I had just a little pizza dough left. This is not cooked yet. The cast iron does take longer to cook pizza so I have to adjust the timing.


These are two spooky pumpkins my daughter found growing in the big compost pile. The grew from last years seeds. I wish there were more.


I added my little pine cone pitcher as cute decor.

On a completely different topic of other people’s blogs and Youtube channels. I’ve been following a conversation about a blogger, who actually lives near me, in this area. This gives me some advantage of knowing the area where some of her sharpest critics do not know this.

The biggest issue of controversy is her not really being honest about certain things. For instance, they bought this place in a town near me so I know it well. She continues to call it a village where in fact it is no village but a rather populous foothill community. Also, she continually says she walks in the ‘forest’ all around her house. Well, there are Ponderosas and some fir trees where she lives but it’s not a forest in any sense. I’ve been kinda fascinated by the whole thing almost from a psychological point of view. She also does not allow any criticism or feedback or even constructive feedback on her blog or Youtube channel, only praise for what she is doing which frankly isn’t a lot.

She also says she’s into Zen etc( eastern philosophies) but as one who actually was a practicing Buddhist for a number of years( 8), I’m not really sure she understands what she is saying or trying to say. Plus, it’s not my place to offer advice but she has painted her interior in bright oranges, pinks, turquoise, and greens. Anything Zen would be muted colors and no visual distractions. I’m not sure I have a point here but it is interesting and I guess maybe I’m putting this into words to help me understand my own feelings toward this person and how she blogs.  I wouldn’t want negativity on my blog either,, but I think most of the people who have a criticism, have a point.  Another, for instance, is they were fostering a child and on her YouTube channel actually showed the child( a real no, no). It was at that point she was called out and she shut down the whole channel. 

Anyway, any thoughts about it would be welcome, as I’m not sure why this is even something I’m writing about.

Anyway, that’s a wrap.


8 thoughts on “Finally a change in the weather.

  1. I don’t follow that blog, but I only like the blogs where it seems like a true snapshot of life. If it’s all kittens and rainbows I get suspicious. I don’t call them out, I just walk away. Who knows… maybe their life really stinks and creating an alternate online life is their way of coping. My blog reading attitude follows my personality though, I much prefer non-fiction to fiction.

    • yes, I suppose that she could be doing that. I haven’t commented just lurking around. Perhaps just not reading it anymore is the way to go. There is a lot of drama around her blog though from other readers that have called her out on stuff. Very weird really.

  2. I would be annoyed by that blogger too. She sounds like she is trying to be an “influencer” maybe? Whatever that is. Probably the best thing to do is not even read it, but I bet it’s so tempting to see what she’s writing today. That’s how I feel about Trump. I have to watch the news to see what he’s up to now. Then it just makes me angry or upset. I should just shut the news off.
    Anyway, the pizza looks yummy!
    I hope you guys are safe from the fires. Enjoy the weather. It’s raining and cool here. Like 60°

    • I know, I know, I do the same thing. Well, on her old blog she had people sending her all kinds of
      ‘gifts’ when she would talk about being so poor. I guess she had a paertron on there as well, which means people would pay to read more details. It’s all weird and I feel silly about it and I think I will just give it up.

  3. You bring up an interesting issue. I think we all present a certain persona online that may not be exactly the same as “real life.” I mean, we may focus our blog on one particular interest we have, or even if not, we all offer a slightly different face to the world, whether we’re at work, with our buddies, with kids, spouse, etc. But I agree a blog has to be a genuine, authentic portrait of the blogger — and certainly shouldn’t be used to scam people out of money by falsely claiming that you’re poor (if indeed that’s what she’s doing). Or as Kim says, better if it’s non’fiction, not fiction.

    • I think you’re right about personas. It’s kinda weird because I found this blogger by accident ( reading frugal stuff) and then when I realized she lived a town over ( about 15 miles) and that she was all about being frugal. Then someone called her out by revealing she had an annuity from her deceased mother. It was all kinda strange. But I think I will just let it go.

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