This is all very weird.

So we are home and not going out. I guess since it rained all day yesterday and right now it’s snowing I guess that’s ok.

My son was told to work from home. And my daughter is a librarian at Sierra college so I’m assuming they will tell her today to work remotely.

Our last kitty, Finnie, is sick with what seems like a cold but we can’t take him to the vet as it’s too risky for us so I hope he can recover on his own.¬† It would almost be too much if he dies on us.

I emailed my sister in Connecticut who has lung disease and she’s on quarantine as it’s very dangerous for her. She sounded good though. Her family is huge so hopefully, the grandchildren aren’t coming over.

We walked yesterday a little and then it starting pouring so we cut it short. I really needed to get out and walk so that was too bad. I will try again today if it’s pouring or snowing or whatever.

B has labs tomorrow so he needs to call and make sure he can go in to do them. He’ll need to glove up and put a mask on though.

This week is the bathroom zone if you want to follow Flylady. I had B clean the air vent and that was needed. I also cleaned as best I could behind the clawfoot tub. I can’t really reach it so I rubber banded a washcloth to a Swiffer thing and that seemed to work.

Still raining right now so no walk yet.:(


3 thoughts on “This is all very weird.

  1. We are having trouble adjusting too and this unseasonable rainy weather in S. Cal isn’t helping us get outside either. We will all find ways to adjust I assume. Is there someone else who can take your kitty to the vet if necessary? Poor thing.

  2. It IS all very weird. We had snow this weekend; tomorrow it’s supposed to be 65 degrees. One more weird thing on top of the pandemic. I’ve decided the best thing to do is just sit it out. Everything with this is changing so quickly and I think that’s part of why it feels weird. You get a handle on the realities and then it changes again.

    Anyway, good healthy vibes for you and B and the kitten and kids.

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