It’s all too much…

Well, no Frugal Friday here. It’s more like  WTF Friday. Hey, that’s catchy!

Really, I ‘m not sleeping very well and actually took an Ativan to sleep the other night. I

rarely do that and I guess the stress is building.

We had a nice walk though, this morning and then I went into our Holiday Market. There was no bread( I didn’t need any anyway), no pasta, sauces, no flour, etc, no regular milk. But I actually got what I needed which was maple syrup, sliced cheese, applesauce, tortillas, organic milk, and some other stuff. I wore a mask in the store as well as gloves. The clerks were very with it and asked did I want them to use gloves and I said yes. So they are being very proactive.  That should be the last shop I need for at least the next 2-3 weeks.

Everywhere in California, there is a mandatory ‘shelter in place’. I think it’s a good thing at least for the next 2 weeks. It is scary though, to think about this in the larger picture.  We still have our reservations for New Brighton in April but we will cancel as the California park system is shut down anyway. That’s disappointing as we missed last year and now it looks like this year too. Oh well, can’t be helped.

I even saw Ikea is closed so that’s something.

Finnie is still doing poorly. My daughter did take him to the vet and he’s on antibiotics, but he’s not eating and I’m guessing he’s not long for this world. Really upsetting since we’ve lost all our pets in the last 8 months. They were old but still. I still hope Finnie can pull-thru.

I’ve been freshening my sourdough starter from the fridge and it looks good. I used some to make some dough for pizza tonight so we’ll see how it rises to the occasion.

I’m not sure when I’ll do another post. I feel deflated about everything.  But I’ll post when I get back in the mood.


15 thoughts on “It’s all too much…

  1. We’ll get through this. Glad you have what you need and hoping the kitty will pull thru. Sending a virtual hug.

  2. Maybe everything we’ve been through with our health was practice for this? I keep thinking about that quote from Lieutenant Dan — the one Alan shared on my blog. “You call this a storm, God?”

    • Yes, last year with Barclay in the BMT unit, it was isolation and then later too. I guess it did help. I’m an introvert so it’s okay but it would be nice to go out somewhere soon:)

  3. We have already had the virus. (The real figures in the UK are MUCH higher than published – since they are not testing people). And one of us has MM and on Dara and achiving a SCR. Fatigued and short of breath now, but not as bad as seasonal flue.

    • Wow, Did you need to go to the hospital.? I haven’t had Daratumumab yet. My last treatment regime was Velcade or bortezomib. I do hope you are getting well, and very glad you are in Complete Response.

      • No we did not, just like a mild flu, and lingering chestiness, temperature and fatigue, but never bad enought to take to bed. BTW datatumumab – we got advice and now have it on rapid infusion 1.5 hours with NO premeds – no dex at all now, and got to SCR….saves a lot of time, and the worst side effects were the premeds it seems.
        virtual hugs and adopt a kitty….:-) (my loved cat was a Siamese called Suki – a house cat that loved to sit on your lap as you did homework)

      • That’s great about the rapid infusion and no dex. I hate dex. I think we will adopt a kitty when this is all over…Suki is a nice name.

  4. It has certainly been a long week. In Michigan the schools are closed til mid April. My kids and their spouses have been working so we’ve had our 10 and 7 y/o granddaughters with us during the day. The 10 year old was sent home with her chromebook and she gets a daily message from her teacher, a list of assignments sent weekly, even some tests. Today she had a video conference with her teacher and classmates. She was so excited to talk to them. Technology is amazing. So I’m busy with kids, fixing lunches, trying to get the schoolwork done because they just want to play.
    The panic buying is crazy. TP is a challenge to find. I tend to keep alot of tp on hand anyway so I’ve got plenty for a few weeks. I also had just stocked up on stuff at Sam’s club the week before so that was fortunate. There are lots of good things happening in our community, people helping others, and I try to remember that. Still the unknown is scary and I feel some underlying anxiety every day. One day at a time I guess. Stay home…stay well. Hugs

    • That’s good you stocked up. I heard from a friend that Costco was letting customers take 1 pack of toilet paper, 1 case of water, and 1 case of wipes. We did our big shop there like you the week before but at that time they didn’t have the TP but I got the more expensive they had.

  5. Perhaps a different approach may be helpful: post every day even if it is just to express your sorrow and anxiety. This is often helpful and no one will think ill of you.

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