Getting a little nervous.

All the schools are now closed down here in PlacerCounty. It’s getting really kind of freaky. I’m planning to go to the store this morning very early. Not for the TP and such just some extra things.   After reading some local Facebook stuff not sure if there is much left but I’ll check.

Just got back from filling my VW with gas and hitting up Safeway. At 7:08 am it was packed. What the hell?  Well, I got some produce and the ginger ale and bubbly water I was after. Crazy huh?

The rain has started so it’s going to be a stay inside day. I think I’ll make up some menus for the rest of the month. Plus I may download an e-book.


3 thoughts on “Getting a little nervous.

  1. Give it a few days to quiet down in the stores. Lots of people didn’t prepare ahead of time and certainly didn’t prepare for having their children at home so are stocking up. I do believe the crowds in the stores will thin out in a week or so as people will be back to buying to replace what they have used.

  2. We’re having the same rainy weather. It IS a great day to stay inside, although Hubby and I are going to help out a local restaurant tonight by going out to dinner at a carefully vetted restaurant..

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