Books, Lots of Books

Everyone on different blogs is talking about books so I thought

 I’d add some of my recent ones. Here’s the first stack from the library


I really have enjoyed the Cat Sitter series that takes place in the Florida Keyes. Lots of descriptions.  MC Beaton is always a good read with Hamish.

The library series”Something Read something” was okay.

Joanna Fluke’s books are always good for some new recipes. The Aunt Dimity books take place in the Cotswolds and I love that area of England so… Not that I will ever go there in real life but that’s the joy of books and traveling in your imagination.

There were cookbooks in the load too but I didn’t get a picture of them.


Some good cookbooks to look at and maybe find some new recipes.  Mark Bittman usually has some good recipes.  “Real food “is one used before. Some stuff is the same old same old but she does have good ideas to help you take a look at what you’re buying and eating.

I’m almost done with the Marcia Muller ” the Break”. It’s good and her descriptions of SF are great.

I walked yesterday and it was absolutely freezing( 27′). That’s cold for here. We don’t usually have temperatures like that. At least later it was sunny but still cold.

I went to the gym yesterday finally and it was busy with lots of ‘new’ people still. I only used the recumbent as my ribs are really sore from coughing which is kinda weird as I haven’t really had much of a cough with this cold.

Today I’m planning on going to the koffee klatch with the library friends. I guess our FOL is kaput and dismantling. Really sad since this group was responsible for buying the building the library is in now. Well, all things do change and this little branch went downhill after I left. I’m not renewing the website which is under my name and even last year I told them no one was even going to it but no listens to me. So now, I will just not renew it.  The money left in the FOAL fund is substantial so that will need to be donated to the library for materials.

I’m making another batch of marmalade this morning before I go out.

I’ve vacuumed, swish and swiped the bathroom and got out things from the freezer for the rest of the week.

7 thoughts on “Books, Lots of Books

  1. That’s a shame about the friends of the library group. We are really lucky here. Local councils run the public libraries and in all the different council areas I have lived in, the libraries have been brilliant.

    I’m planning on going to the Cotswolds next year. Can’t wait.

    • It is. Most of the Friends are older( over 70, I was one of the ‘younger oners’). the community is mostly retirees but there are some young families but no one interested in taking on the Friends stuff. Plus this branch is only open 4 days a week for 4 hours a day so the writing is on the wall for it to eventually close.

  2. Sorry about the library. I saw something recently saying that more people go to the public library than go to movies and sports events combined. But, I know, it’s hard to get younger people to volunteer — they’re too busy with children, grandchildren, traveling, health issues, etc.

    • yes, this is mostly a retired community. when I was there working I had increased our FOAL membership to it’s highest. Sadly now it’s under 20 people so not viable. We haven’t even had a book sale in 2 years when it used to be a BIG event with a bake sale and books and crafts and people came from all over.

  3. Hi, this is my first visit here. I am a retired librarian and that is sad about your small branch library. The one near my house almost closed but public pressure kept it open with expanded hours, thank goodness. I like your choices for reading, my post today is on my favorite books of last year.

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