Some good news

We got a letter yesterday saying the transplant has been approved by insurance and it’s a go. Also, the nurse coordinator got a hold of the donor brother and it looks like it may all be done in NYC… so very good news.  It looks like at this point his pre-testing will happen soon and then collection on the 15 of May. That means Barclay will be going in right around then. So good news and let’s get this rolling. Not that it’s like a vacation and fun but just something you want to be over.

Also, his last labs show his WBC at 4.3 NORMAL!!!!! how great is that. Not sure it’ll stay there but let’s hope.

So yesterday was really long sitting in the dentist chair for the crown and the filling.  But it’s done. Then I still need the scan for my Invisalign retainer.  The dentist also said the filling on the crown was deep and could eventually need a root canal. ANd I’m thinking to myself, ” I’ll never do that again” that was one of the worst dental things I’ve had and then it still ended up in surgery to be pulled.  I’ll just wait and see.

Today is beautiful out. I’m going to the gym and then tackle the chest freezer. Down at the bottom, I found some salmon from last summer so I’d better use that up. Also some corn I’d frozen. So I’d better get out there and see what else is there.

Today is koffee klatch day but I’m skipping and just coming home to do the above mentioned and some outside chores.

I just finished reading Flylady’s new book, The  C.H.A.O.S cure.   It was okay and had some new stuff but mostly a rehash of her stuff. Still, I enjoyed it.

Dinner is something from the freezer.


2 thoughts on “Some good news

  1. Yay! You guys were due for some good news. That is a wonderful. I really need to check out Flylady. I’m getting very lazy when it comes to cleaning. Things are picked up and look pretty good at first glance but *clean* is something else. I don’t seem to gave the energy or desire to whiz through the whole house and clean like I did when I was young.
    The only time I clean good anymore is when we have company! So…time to get busy, have about 15 coming for Easter.

    • Hi Marilyn, just go to her website as all the info is there. Initially, I really needed and used the 15-minute timer thing. It really did help me just start. That was back when I was still in treatment(chemo) and I had limited energy resources. I even made up the home journal that she suggests plus whatever else I could use. Now I just follow the zones and do some decluttering as I go along. Best to you. How is spring there? We are having really great weather.

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