Back to normal??

Well, the car situation is at least done and my daughter’s car is back on the road. She got off work early and we were over at the Honda dealer by 5pm. We waited about 30 minutes but it wasn’t too bad. I’m glad it’s fixed.

I think the best thing is to plan on her selling this car down the road if she wants. I think other things are probably going to keep happening but at least it’s up an running. No A/C but since we’re kinda near the end of summer I think that’s ok.

The mechanic said the car has a lot of rust due to driving in the snow. That did affect the rotors and brake stuff. So again, I think a newer car is in the future.

My son’s Subaru has been in the shop too and he should be getting that back this afternoon.

Today I made homemade ravioli with my new little ravioli cutter. It worked pretty well.  I made 3 dozen and there in the freezer right now. I’ll bag them up later or tomorrow.

Our weather is quite lovely and somewhat fall like. Cool at night, warm during the day.

Tomorrow B and I head up to Tahoe. I’ll write more about that tomorrow. 🙂

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