Minimalism, now to organize!

9aff9c2e96b462ea1d37c12c64c687dcSo, you’ve decluttered, purged, and got rid of the stuff(at least for this round,)and things look pretty good.

Now comes some organizing. Let the fun begin.

In my pantry, which is a stainless steel restaurant shelving, I use Ikea jars.

Plus 1/2 gallon Ball jars.

I like them equally but the IKEA jars are almost 1/2 the price. When I’m in Ikea, I always try and pick up a few. So into these jars, I put my organic long grain white rice, organic short grain brown rice, pasta, polenta, WW flour, and organic white flour.  Also, my black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans and green lentils.

The glass jars make the pantry look more attractive. Especially since my shelves are open.

In my bathroom, I use Target’s white baskets and keep q-tips and extra stuff in.



You can be very creative in creating organized belongings. I use vintage suitcases to store my kid’s Waldorf wood toys that I just haven’t gotten rid of yet. I did donate the Waldorf dolls as they were made of cotton and wool and would eventually degrade.

I also have 2 under bed bins to hold my vintage tablecloths and a few odds and ends. Our bedframe(homemade) is wood and low to the floor so using the area underneath it is wise and useful.

After the purge, organize in a neat and clean way.  Your home will be easier to keep tidy and to clean.