A Good Doctor visit

Today was my regular oncology appointment in Sacramento. I drove down in B’s Santa Fe since it was supposed to rain and I didn’t want to risk the ‘ole pink van’. But I think she would have made it just fine. But still, it’s nice to drive a newer car!

All is good in Myelomaville. He doesn’t seem too concerned about the small increase. Still Normal and for now that’s all I can really focus on.  But I did ask for another blood test in December and then not see him again till January. Unless something unusual occurs this will work and then I can obsess about it or not.  (I’ll try not too even if there is another increase).

Right now it’s pouring out so at least I didn’t have to drive in that.

Dinner is a big question mark?????? It’s usually crockpot Thursday but I forgot to put anything in this morning so now I’m stuck with what’s for dinner. The most likely scenario is pasta with butter sauce.  Maybe grilled cheese??? I guess I’ll figure it out in 3 hours time.

Yesterday, I made a lovely cauliflower cheese soup, maybe that used all my creativity for the week.

IMG_1042 (1)


That’s the cauliflower cheese soup in my almost 30-year-old Le Creuset dutch oven.  If you’re going to buy a dutch oven go for the best you can afford or save up until you can afford a Le Creuset.  The inside is browned from making the bread and I’ve tried cleaning with Barkeepers but it just doesn’t budge. Any ideas?


This is my other Le Creuset which is also 30 years old and is still clean in the inside as I’ve only used this one for things like the above which is chicken and sweet potatoes a few onions and mushrooms.

I LOVE Le Creuset!!

4 thoughts on “A Good Doctor visit

  1. Hey I have a Le Crueset as well as a couple of vintage Dansk Kobenstyle pots. You are right, they are awesome Dutch ovens! Here is how I remove the brown. I put enough water in the pot to where it covers the stain. Then I add a pretty liberal amount of an oxygen based cleaner, like OxyClean. Maybe 1/4 cup? Bring to a simmer. Then using a wooden utensil, start rubbing the bottom to remove the stains. I turn off the stove and let it sit for 20-30 minutes with the lid on. At that point, I can take it to the sink and I use a nylon brush to scrub off the stains. It works great for me. I have not noticed any damage to the enamel.

      • Chris, oddly enough, I got my big one for fifty cents at a garage sale, and I thought the man was going to cry, he was so happy it wasn’t going to the thrift store. Then I was in a thrift store down here in Podunk, TX and there was my smaller yellow pot!

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