Macular Pucker

That’s the diagnosis of my right eye. It’s not from the steroids the Dr. said, just happens. ( maybe she meant as we get older?? but was being nice). So, it’s basically a wrinkle on the back of the eye and that’s causing the blurred vision. I can cope with it ok but still.

I did have a horrible drive home as I could barely see and had to keep squinting. But I made it. Then it took most of the day for my eyes to stop bothering me. The dye they injected looked radioactive and so did my urine. Well, at least the good news is, if I can live with the blurred vision in my right eye, surgery isn’t necessary unless it gets worse. So, I’ll keep checking every 6 months and hope for the best.

We had the night of the killer raccoon again.  it was around 3:30 am and I had just gone to the bathroom( my usual 2 a night) and climbed in bed and then all of a sudden squawking and screaming from the chicken coop. B hadn’t closed te back gate. Now, here’s the story. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I say did you close the chickens in. EXCEPT for last night. So there’s a raccoon climbing over the fence and chickens still squawking.   We see the poor chicken in the bushes with blood on her feathers.  We get her in and hope she makes it thru the night. Well, she did and her comb is bloodied but she’s alive. We’re keeping them in this morning to recuperate and then will let them out later.

So, I never really got back to sleep so I feel kinda worn out. But today is gym day so I’ll go do that and then over to the Koffee klatch and see who shows up.

I’ve been working on a sourdough starter and it doesn’t seem to be activating. I bought it from Amazon from a good company. They have been helping me troubleshoot what could be wrong. This is day 6 and still not a lot of bubbles. I asked Amazon for a refund which they did and then bought another starter from the store.It’s the same brand so I hope it works otherwise I’ll order a totally different one. I’ll start the bread recipe tomorrow regardless and see how it goes.

last night we had a nice lentil curry and naan bread and a salad with greens from the garden. yummy!!

Tonight I’m going to do some chicken kabobs /tofu kabobs with salad.

6 thoughts on “Macular Pucker

    • Not really, but it wasn’t because of the steroids, so that was positive. I think she was indicating it just happens with age sometimes. I’m just relieved I can hold off on surgery as I just want to enjoy my time off chemo right now. How is your eye? Are you going to do the surgery??

      • I have only seen the retinal specialist once after two eye hospital visits because of fear of retinal detachment. No one has mentioned anything about surgery. I need to go back to him. Is this the surgery where you cannot do anything but look down and sleep on your stomach? I need to follow along with your progress.

      • No, my understanding is the surgery is a needle in the white of the eye and then it lifts off the saran wrap type tissue. No one mentioned laying down and my regular optometrist said it’s quick and fairly easy to recover from( no down time really).But the specialist didn’t go into detail about it at all.

  1. Fingers crossed that your eye feels better. We don’t have chickens, but I would love some! My husband is less enamored of the idea. 😉 I’m thinking of chicken risotto with wine for dinner tonight. It’s an easy staple, & maybe we’ll eat outside & enjoy the sunshine.

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