Today I’m heading for an appointment with the retina specialist about my eye surgery. I’m secretly hoping he/she will say I can wait. But since this has been caused by steroids for so many years, I’m guessing they’ll want to go forward. Plus after the scary surgery, within 6months, I’ll need cataract surgery. Ugh… well, I’ll know by this morning.

I dropped off another load at Goodwill yesterday. It’s interesting how my journey with minimalism has progressed. In one box were odd glasses that I had one of. One was a nice Reidel, which is pricey. But I only had one and no one uses it. Not sure why I’ve kept it but off it went. Then I use to collect vintage sweaters.  I had one left that was late 50’s maybe early sixties. But I haven’t worn it in maybe 10 years. Plus it’s a wool and itchy.  So finally I put it in the Goodwill bag. So levels of decluttering and what I once was attached to , now I don’t care so much.

UPDATE: well my eyes are still dilated so I can’t see much and they are tearing but the specialist was very nice and said as long as I can deal with the blurred vision int he right eye, I don’t need to have the surgery anytime soon. So good news.

I’ll write more when the dilation goes away.


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