Tuesday stuff

I had a dentist appt this morning. A cleaning and checkup. All good except a small cavity that needs attention before I’m done with Invisalign.  It took forever and I ended up cutting short my workout. Plus I didn’t go to the market as it was already past 12 when I got home. The doggies get their lunch at 11:30 so I was hurried some.

It’s warm today but then tomorrow and the next few days are cooler by 10 degrees each day.  I decluttered a bin bookcase and will take that out to the barn to see if my son wants it when he goes to SFSU. Otherwise, It’ll go to the thrift store. It’s just a small piece and was actually behind the door but it’s one more thing I want to go. I put my fabric and whatever stuff in some other smaller bins.

Tonight is taco Tuesday but I made a chili with some heirloom red beans that B had and I’ll put that over some cheese tamales I had from Costco.

We’ve had a few bills pop up that I forget about. One is we are being charged a fire tax bill that is called Cal Fire. Everyone is charged this in our county and I think California.But I tend to forget it till it shows up. Plus our annual propane tank fee. Geez, it is always something.

Unlike Sluggy who actually planned for retirement, we will go in with very little and hope for the best. I guess there’s always RV living. If I live that long… Haha… no seriously, we just have never planned for things like that. I guess we were always the ‘free spirit’ type and boy, I’d like to go back 20 years. Hindsight is always 20/20? right?


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