I’ve wanted to get rid of the bin cubby (6 bins) for a while. They were useful but I wanted to empty that space. so I kept 2 of the Martha Stewart bins for house rags, my vintage cloth, and new white bathroom washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels. I get these at Costco once a year and it’s a great bargain. White Hotel towels. The washcloths are a bundle of 24 for about 18.00 and the bath towels are 6 or 8 to a pack for @ $20. When there done they all become rags for things. It’s a great bargain if you’re after white towels for the bathroom.

So back to the little cubby thing. I reorganized the closet some and got rid of a few things. This is the only built-in closet in this house. For my daughters’ room, we have a floor to ceiling Ikea closet system. So we always need to maximize this space.  One shelf is my overflow pantry stuff. This has actually worked out great. One shelf is the bins with my workout stuff, seasonal stuff( swim suits) and then the above mentioned. On the floor under the last shelf are plastic bins with sheets( we have 2 pairs, one on the bed, one in the bin). Office stuff and one other.

I’m slowing getting it to where it’s pretty organized and labels.

Today, I’m heading over to the Humane Society thrift store to drop off a load some of which includes a few vintage tablecloths I don’t want anymore. Then to the Pet bookstore to drop off some old antique books that were my husband’s mothers.  They are really falling apart and event hough they are quite antique I don’t want them anymore. Then next to Goodwill to drop some clothes and miscellaneous stuff.  I’m going to start a pile in the barn for my son to sell at the flea market including some vintage games( Lone Ranger) and Clue.

It’s pasta night so I’m thinking penne pasta with tomatoes, basil, and smoked mozzarella.




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