What’s new?

Well, I’ve been working on a Facebook page for our branch library in Applegate. It’s possibly going to be closed and it serves an enormous need in that area. the circulation there is small but the wi-fi is used constantly as are the public computers and the children’s program.  I personally don’t use this branch but Nevada county but that’s for personal reasons BUT I support this library in every way I can because I feel passionate about libraries especially small rural ones. Many people in the community would have no wi-fi access or access to a computer without this branch.  I’m a member of the FOAL and am going to be VP for the coming year as long as my health holds steady.

Then I’ve been washing the Ikea couch covers and today I’m doing the main cover. Last time I did them all at once and this way I’ve done the cushions first ( 2 days) and then today the cover.

Yesterday I made a loaf of bread and it came out very nice. I have professional loaf pan from williams sonoma but it’s 1  1/2lbs . So ususally when I make it in this the loaf just doesnt rise up that far but yesterday the recipe had 4 cups of flour so it was definetely a 1 1/2 loaf.

At least it’s been sunny out but still quite cold.

I’m heading to the gym today and then tomorrow I have an eye doctor appt. I guess I’ve decided to get the cataract surgery for my right eye. I have trouble seeing out of that eye so I’m sure it will be a big difference. With all the steriod use I’ve had I guess it caused some cataract stuff. I was going to hold off but really now is a better time since I’m not on any chemo drugs.  So that will probably be sometime this spring.

Dinner is spaghetti and meatballs.( for the meat eaters), just spaghetti for the veg.

5 thoughts on “What’s new?

  1. My Dad developed cataracts from all the prednisone he had to take over the years and had surgery on both eyes at age 51. It went off without a hitch, he recovered nicely and enjoyed good vision for the rest of his life. I hope your surgery is just as successful!

  2. Cataract surgery is a piece o’ cake. Had both mine done 4 months apart in 2015. Dr. said they are seeing folks come in for that surgery younger than usual now, folks in their 50’s instead of 60’s and 70’s.

    • Thanks, Sluggy. For some reason, I’ve been avoiding it. I just wanted to stay out of doctor’s offices for a while. But I really can’t see too well out of my right eye so…

  3. I love entries like this one. they remind me of telephone calls to loved ones where you ask what’s happening. They say not much not a whole lot and then tell you bits like this which are wholly satisfying.

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