Five Frugal Things Friday

It’s been a nice week. Nothing exceptional. Just had a good flow.

I found a crumpled $20 bill in a parking lot. Looked around to see whose it might be, but since it was earlyish( 8am) no one was near, so I scooped it up.

I sold the treadmill(today) and it’s getting picked up this morning. so one more thing out of the black hole.. oh, I mean the barn.

I used 2 bananas to make chocolate chip banana bread. I’m not much of a sweets baker, but this is the old Marth Stewart one that uses sour cream that I’ve used forever.

I’m making homemade pizza tonight.

had a few no spend days, and went to the thrift store yesterday, but didn’t see anything I needed.

We walked in the rain this morning. It was nice. Today, I’m going to the gym again this time with my daughter and then to Safeway. We need to load up on cat food for the cats while we’re camping next week. Our housesitter is a friend of my sons and we have used him twice before. He’s responsible and reliable. But I want to be sure there’s enough bird food and chicken food and cat food.  He’s vegan, so he can figure out his own food. I have lots of beans and rice.