Looking ahead to 2017

universe-welcome-2017-sign-free-vector.jpgThis year has been great for me. My Velcade treatments put me in complete response and I’ve enjoyed 6 months now chemo free. My ‘leaky’ eyes have greatly improved although not completely gone. I feel pretty darn good overall.

This new year I hope to keep going at the gym and increase my overall strength. Keep walking, of course. Eat healthy, which we do anyway. But always a good reminder to keep going with menu planning. I want to decrease our grocery budget if possible.

Next year will see my son going to San Francisco State University as a senior. He will have to get a student loan as we can’t help him out except for maybe some miscellaneous stuff. Not sure when he can apply for financial aid but it’s a few weeks away at least. So very exciting for him as this was his top choice as the cinema department is supposed to be great.

WE’ve got 3 camping trips reserved but one we will cancel as I got the site we wanted at a later date. It’s still too early to get Nevada Beach but hopefully, I’ll be lucky again to get the 2 weeks. Last year was so awesome to have 2 weeks at Tahoe.

Also, finish the emptying of the barn stuff and reorganize. Get all our misc. debt stuff from the tree removal and school tuition stuff from last semester done. I’m sure there will be stuff that comes up but hopefully, we’ll have our EF fuller.

Well, today is gym day, Koffee Klatch, if anyone shows up, and dinner is Chicken noodle soup. I think???

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