Kon mari, the kitchen, part one!!

I’ve done the pantry as I said, here’s a snap shot.

IMG_0325.jpgIt looks better than it was.

Here’s the paper going out to burnimg_0320alot of paper!!

img_0331Top cabinet. this has a glass door so you dont see this. It’s amazing even after just doing this last year I found out dated stuff.img_0332This one is hard to see, but its under the cabinet. i threw away @ a dozen bottles of stuff. I’m undecided on the bread maker. I make bread alot but pretty much use the Kitchen aid mixer, so not sure. I’ll leave it for now. I dont make the bread in it, I bought it ( under $50) to just mix the dough and do a rise.  It actually works great for that. But not sure I want to give it to the Goodwill.

Tomorrow I’ ll do the other side and the 3 drawers we have. This is definitely a hippie house!!