Five Frugal Things Friday

So as with many other bloggers, I’m joining in with the 5 frugal things this week. I may not do  this every week but it can help with accountability.

  1.  We haven’t been out for any lunches or dinner.Although I did buy a cup of soup the other day so I guess that’s not really frugal.
  2. We are trying to keep our space heaters at 55 or off. My son is gone for a few days and we have his off completely. But we are in for a very cold storm by Monday even possibly snow so that may not keep going.
  3. I returned the ham I bought at Costco since it was moldy( yes, very weird) but I didn’t go get another but bought some sliced ham and that was fine with us. As it was I froze half of it. So I got back almost $24.00.
  4. Bundling errands so we only take one car to town.
  5. Uh, there must be one more…. oh, I know, we’re only going to run the dryer once a day.  Unfortunately, today was extra sheets so I’ve run the washer and dryer 3 times but overall it’s the goal and I did do it every other day this week.
  6. This is good. WE ordered propane and it was only $1.55 a gallon. Believe me, that is so cheap I could hoard it if I had extra tanks. To fill up was $ 178. Pretty much unheard of as this time last year it was almost $400.

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